Prenatal visit

    • The visit will provide an opportunity to introduce a new family to the concept of the pediatric medical home for both health and developmental/behavioral concerns. (AAP)
    • During your visit , you will be offered information and advice regarding the baby, and identify psychosocial risks and high-risk conditions that may require special care.   (AAP)

Newborn Visits

    • If your newborn was discharged from the hospital with specific follow-up instructions, please call us to schedule your appointment accordingly. Appointments are always available for newborns. If your newborn was discharged without any specific instructions, please schedule an appointment with us 2 to 3 days after leaving the hospital.

Well Child Visits:

For well-child visits, such as immunizations or checkups, please schedule an appointment at least 2 to 4 weeks in advance. We encourage you to schedule your appointment as early as possible, and please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment, in case any required paperwork needs to be filled out.

      • School & Sport Physical

Sports and School physicals help determine a child’s overall health and whether it is safe for a child to participate in certain activities by performing different tests during the physical examination.

      • Immunization

At Kingsland Pediatrics, we urge parents to make a decision to immunize and recommend staying up to date with your vaccines.

      • Vision & Hearing Screenings

Hearing and Vision screening are important ways to identify and diagnose problems as soon as possible and making your child eyesight and hearing is normal.

Sick Visits (same day appointments available)

    • As soon as you think you need an appointment, contact us right away. If you are unsure if your child needs to be seen by a doctor, call us early in the day so we can help you figure this out.
    • With on-going COVID epidemic there are no walk-in appointments, we will do telephone screening and sometimes tele-medicine visit to determine safety for all
    • Same day sick appointments are available, but we ask that you please understand if there is a wait.

Neonatal: High-Risk Follow-up visits (Care for premature babies)

    • Babies born early or with complex medical conditions often spend their first days in the neonatal intensive care unit. After they go home—and as they grow—these children may also have medical conditions or developmental challenges that require special attention.
    • Kingsland Pediatrics specializes in Neonatal Follow-ups and provides comprehensive medical and developmental care that addresses the needs of premature and medically complex infants after they leave the hospital. Families will be provided with the resources they may need from infancy into early childhood.

Newborn Circumcision (0-29 days of age)

    • Circumcision is a surgical removal of all or part of the foreskin covering the end of the penis. A decision to circumcise or not to circumcise a newborn son is a personal choice.
    • All circumcision appointments are done on Wednesdays. Please call to schedule an appointment. We encourage you to call a week before for availability.

ADHD Evaluation & Management

    • Almost all children have times when their attention or behavior veers out of control. However, for some children, these types of behaviors are more than an occasional problem. Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have behavior problems that are so frequent and severe that they interfere with their ability to function adequately on a daily basis.

Asthma care

    • It is often difficult, especially in young children, to be entirely certain that asthma is the diagnosis. After a careful physical examination, your pediatrician will need to ask you specific questions about your child’s health. The information you give your pediatrician will help determine if your child has asthma.
    • It is important to remember that asthma is a complicated disease to diagnose, and the results of airway function testing may be normal even if your child has asthma. Also keep in mind that not all children with repeated episodes of wheezing have asthma. Some children are born with small lungs, and their air passages may get blocked by infections. As their lungs grow they no longer wheeze after an infection. This type of wheezing usually occurs in children without a family history of asthma and in children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy.

Mental Health

    • Doctors diagnose mental disorders based on the signs and symptoms of the individual patient.
    • There are no genetic tests to confirm a diagnosis of mental disorders. Because experiences and environment play an important role in the development of a mental disorder, no genetic test will ever be able to tell with absolute certainty who will and who will not develop a mental disorder.
    • Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Behavioral Issues, Coping Skills, Adjustment Disorder, Infertility, Couple Counseling, Adoption, Grief and Youth Coaching.

Medical Ear piercing

    • Medical ear piercing methods are safely designed in order to avoid the spreading of infections when piercing. The types of infections one wants to avoid are caused by bacteria.

On-Site Lab Services:

    • Hemoglobin test for anemia
    • Flu test
    • Strep test
    • RSV test
    • Urine test
    • COVID 19 testing soon- call for scheduling